English Springer Spaniel Hugo


Hi Todd,
When I first contacted you concerning a purchase of a trained ESS you outlined Hugo’s abilities and temperament to me: a close working springer that would be well suited to the uplands of New England, a natural retriever, a lover of water, a dog that would sit on your lap or at your feet, and a good tempered companion. I have found that he is all of these and more. In the field he dances while he hunts. His feet seem not to touch the ground. His range is about 15 to 20 yards in front and the same to each side. He finds birds at a fast pace and is not adverse to go into heavy cover to flush them. He retrieves when commanded and delivers to hand and releases the bird well. His mouth is soft, his desire strong. He is very happy when he is hunting.

At home Hugo is coming along well. As he spent two and one half years as a kennel dog coming into a house was a great adventure for him. He has spent every nite sleeping in the house. Adapting to a crate has not been a problem. When we have shown him his limits he has followed well. Reinforcement has been necessary but not to a great extent. He has proved to be a best buddy, following me where ever I go. He waits patiently when I have a chore to do. He rides in the car without a problem. He appears to be very grateful to be in a home with long periods of human contact. Sleeping in my lap is one of his favorite in house activities.

I do plan to reinforce some commands and patterns of behavior in the up coming months. I don’t feel that they are major in nature. All in all Hugo is what you said he was and I am very happy with him.
Frank Natale, MA

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