Welcome To GA Dixie!

Hurray for Dixie!!! Dixie just flew in last night from TX. She is our newest female puppy to join Craney Hill. I just had to put a proper scarf on her for the photo shoot. She is checking out the Agnew & Son side by side.. A different way of gun intro!  

Dudley Wins!!!

Dudley won the East TX field trial. This was so great for Dudley. Dudley is Lil’s son and most of you know that Lil was Todd’s best bird dog. A very special day for Craney Hill. No photos yet. We finish up the second trial tomorrow, both Dudley & Riley are back to the 3rd.. … More Dudley Wins!!!

Rich & Indie Go Hunting

Rich finally took a day off for himself & took his young Springer Indie hunting at East Addieville Farm. This is a very nice photo of them after their hunt. Thank you Rich for sending the photo. We are happy to see that you are taking time to have some fun.   

Gator’s New Family

Gator had a long flight yesterday to his new family in OR. Here is a very cute photo of James & Gator late last night. We look forward to many updates and photos of Gator with his new family. Thank you so much & have a wonderful time with The Gator Man….