Pheasant Shoot In The South

The pheasant shoots will soon be coming to an end. We have really enjoyed taking the dogs down to Dorchester Preserve so they can get in additional training. Riley and Alder had a lot of fun, though it is the south and it’s starting to warm up. Spring is coming!   Advertisements

Dixie & Rich

Rich and Sarah came down to GA for a visit with us, but most importantly  to see their little gal Indie. Indie was very excited to see Mom & Dad. They loved seeing Indie, but they were even more excited to play with our new puppy Dixie, and as you can see Rich enjoyed spoiling … More Dixie & Rich

Kermit & Pheasants

Alan and Kermit drove to Alabama the other day so they could work a pheasant shoot. I would say that Alan is hooked on the shoots. Photo is by Alan. Kermit had a great day today. No breaks. 20+ retrieves.

Leaving Facebook

We recently joined Facebook as a means to make us more accessible to those that wish to follow us. Unfortunately, Facebook has decided to no longer allow private citizens to legally sell firearms through their respective network. While we adamantly support Facebook’s freedom to take that position, we, ourselves, cannot agree with the position. As … More Leaving Facebook