Three Day Seminar

Todd has been training field bred spaniels since 1997. He participates in spaniel field trials and hunt tests in both the United States and Canada, guides hunters for wild game birds, and is a professional dog trainer that firmly believes in the value of exposing hunting dogs to wild game birds. “If a dog can produce the wild bird that the fox, coyote, weasel and hawk missed, then they would be of a caliber that any hunter would be proud to own.” Todd has won and placed in numerous spaniel field trials. More importantly, he has developed numerous dogs and their owners that have won and placed in spaniel field trials and passed spaniel hunt tests.

Seminar Schedule-

Feb 24-26 2017- Mitchell, GA  Click Here

May 19-21, 2017- Windrift Kennels, Cochranton, PA Click here for the form & information

June 16-18 2017- Cornwall Swamp WMA Middlebury, VT Click here for information

Seminar Testimonials:

It is  amazing what a difference three days made in my relationship with my springer spaniel. Todd Agnew is a no nonsense insightful trainer of both dogs and handlers. For someone serious about hunting or field trials, or just a dog who makes the hunting experience a pleasure, there is no one better. An added plus, is Christina Power Agnew’s professional photography documenting the seminar experience. The training, camaraderie and new friends made are priceless.

 Joan & Minnie

The Craney Hill Seminar at Christine Lavier’s Windrift Kennel was very comprehensive and the training manual that was handed out was not expected. The hands on demonstrations was very surprising to see. I was very glad that I attended this seminar.

Bruce & Emma

Todd has developed a comprehensive philosophy for spaniel training into which each stage of his program fits perfectly. And I found it remarkable that Todd could cover each stage of training and development in a three day clinic. Personally, I learned that I need to slow down during my own training sessions and in the progression of my training so that I can focus more on developing the right type of relationship with my dog. Within the first week or two after applying some of what I learned at the clinic, I started to see great results.

Patrick & Keller