Field Trials & Hunt Tests

Now accepting very limited reservations for a high level of training prospects for Spaniel Field Trials and Spaniel Hunt Tests. 

We are looking for two types of dogs. The first is young dogs because we are purposely focused on building a reliable foundation and developing young prospects for the owner to handle in spaniel field trials. The second dog we are looking for are dogs that have exhibited control issues at field trials.


We provide specialized spaniel training for hunt tests and field trials at our training facility in Georgia. Our training grounds offer an unlimited variety of cover, terrain, woods and water. With all of this variety, we are able to develop your dog and have it gain experience throughout the winter months to be campaigned in the spring and fall. Contact us to learn how we can get the training done that your dog needs! Winter in Georgia offers a terrific climate when most of the Country is dealing with bad weather. We are also able to arrange for you to hunt/train your dog in a consultation arrangement. Call for further details. 

webnameAlder&Todd First Place Maine 2015_MG_0015


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