Basic Vet Care For Your Hunting Dog

Your Dog Should Be Calm When You Work on It BASIC VET CARE FOR YOUR HUNTING DOG I have interviewed our veterinarian regarding basic, but helpful information for gun dog owners. Craney Hill Kennel has had great success working with Jerry (Jerome F. Zeleny, D.V.M., Frankfort Animal Care Center, Frankfort, Illinois over the years and I believe one … More Basic Vet Care For Your Hunting Dog

I Simply Wish These Dogs Would Retrieve

Advanced Water Retrieves Include Moving Water I SIMPLY WISH THESE DOGS WOULD RETRIEVE Over the past few years, we have observed a consistent problem with the dogs we get in for training at Craney Hill Kennel. The problem is exhibited in many fashions, such as butter-mouth, hard-mouth, refusal, avoidance, playing, etc. However, the problem is … More I Simply Wish These Dogs Would Retrieve

Gun Dog Training 102

Dogs Are Place-oriented GUN DOG TRAINING 102 You should understand that a dog is a pack animal and that it is a creature of habit. With this understanding, you are better positioned to effectively train your canine friend. Now we move on to place-orientation and association. Place-orientation simply means that your correction or praise must … More Gun Dog Training 102

Gun Dog Training 101

Pack Order Is NOT About Dominance GUN DOG TRAINING 101 It is interesting to me how most people go about trying to train a dog. With the amount of information that is readily available, it is easier than it once was. Maybe that is the reason we make it so difficult. When information was not … More Gun Dog Training 101