Allie & John Go Duck Hunting!!

Notes from John!

Allie and I had our first duck hunt today. We took 15 birds (one drake pintail, one green wing teal, four blue wing teal, two mottled drakes, and seven ring-necks) all on public land. Although she was a little confused as to what was going at first, she quickly began to catch on and ultimately became the star of the show by making beautiful retrieves and tracking down all of our cripples. There is no question that the proud lab and chessie owners were shocked to see my 30lbs spaniel busting through the cattails with confidence. While my hunting partners were elated by how many ducks we were putting down, the true joy for me came in watching Allie bring back her first duck. It is a feeling I will never forget and memory I will cherish for years to come. 

Thank you Todd and Christina for all your help and guidance over the last six months and have a Merry Christmas,



Go Allie Cat!!!





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