Alan Shoots A Grouse For Mercy The Boykin


Mercy has had some interesting days here in camp. The one day she had an encounter with a porcupine which required a visit the doctor. She is doing very well. Then her owner took some time to fly up to WI and hunt over his Boykin. Todd did his usual and tried to put the client in the best places for birds, but due to many misses, Mercy was not able to get a bird shot for her while DAD was here on his visit. So we flew Alan in from GA to take on the job of shooting birds for the dogs. This was Alan’s first wild bird hunt…and Grouse at that! Alan was so happy to be able to shoot a bird for Mercy. Alan said this was a moment that he will never forget. I think some of the pressure is off now that he had one bird in the bag. Tomorrow is another day.. 


3 thoughts on “Alan Shoots A Grouse For Mercy The Boykin

  1. Alan you’re the man. What a great start, I am hoping that you have as grand a trip as I did.
    I also hope my Brown sat down for you.


  2. Mercy did great. I could not have done it without her. The “Guide” did an excellent job as well. Thanks Todd. The “war zone” photographer really got tested on that shot. She kept her head, and kept her finger down on the button. Looking forward to seeing the action shots.


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