English Cocker Spaniel Kermit (The Dog)

Alan web301R0087

“As a guy who really enjoys training my own dog (an 18-month old English Cocker), I found in Todd Agnew a great professional training partner that could help me get my dog to the next level.  After getting several passes at the Junior Hunter level, I noticed there were a few things that I needed to work on with Kermit to get to the Senior, Master, and field trial levels.  Unfortunately, all the videos I saw online and the books I read did not get me what I needed, so I started talking to Todd who I met at one of the Hunt Tests.  At my initial session with him, he was able to zero in on the problem with my dog and taught me some valuable drills that I worked on at home.  At my next session with Todd, one month later, Kermit was a much improved dog.  He listened better, was more tuned into what I wanted him to do, and performed much better.  I still have a way to go with Kermit, but I feel confident we can get there with Todd’s help going forward.  He really understands what motivates dogs and does it in a way that can translate to training at home.” Alan – Sandy Springs, Georgia


One thought on “English Cocker Spaniel Kermit (The Dog)

  1. An update on Kermit’s progress: I have been doing daily work with Kermit at home on strips for quartering work, lining drills, casting drills etc.for many months. My monthly consultation visits with Todd have been invaluable. Needless to say, a lot of time spent, of which every minute I enjoyed. Now we get to the point where it is time to steady Kermit. After talking with Todd extensively about the process, I quickly came to the conclusion that this is something I could not do at home for several reasons. First and foremost, I have no access to birds and it takes a LOT of birds to get a dog steady. So I made the decision to let Kermit stay with Todd for some extended periods of time. Prior to Kermit “going to camp”, I worked some more at home on some foundation work for getting him steady … hupping on a thrown bumper, hupping on a fired cap pistol. I think all this foundation work has helped Kermit make the most of the time he spent with Todd at “camp” so far. I just got Kermit back yesterday from him being with Todd for about 3 weeks. in that time he made a lot of progress according to Todd and went through dozens of birds. He will be home with me for about a week and then back to camp including some great time at Grouse Camp in Wisconsin. By the end of October i will get Kermit back and he will have most likely finished his intensive training to become steady. As Todd reminds me, “it is a lifelong process”, so I will continue to train him and bring him back to Todd for fine tuning as time goes on. I am looking forward to our first field trial in December. Hopefully Kermit the Dog will make a name for himself at that trial and make me and Todd proud.


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