Lincoln’s First Wild Pheasant Hunt

Scott took Lincoln west for some wild pheasant experience. They have been working very hard all year with Lincoln’s bird work, obedience, and steadiness.  Lincoln and Scott were also at Grouse Camp and Lincoln did a fantastic job in the woods. Scott was not too bad either… Great job Scott & Lincoln!!

Notes from Scott

Yesterday we ended up with 5 roosters – the pic shows the couple we had mid day.  Today we took one rooster and a quail.  Total contacts including hens are easily double digits – probably 12+ pheasants and several coveys of quail over the 2 days. Lincoln needed some guidance yesterday on the first couple of birds to remember that he is steady.  But he has done well since – retrieves have been very good…one across a large creek and another running down the bird in a harvested section of field.  He is always reasonably close, checking in like in the grouse woods, and very responsive to the whistle when needed.  




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