Bridget & Bonnie!

Some of you know the story about Bridget loosing her Springer Spaniel Claire this year, which was heart breaking for Bridget. She had many fun years with Claire hunting, trying field trials and just hanging out together. Claire was always there for Bridget..

Todd & I decided to give Bridget one of our female puppies for her Birthday. We asked Bridget ahead of time, just to make sure this new addition to the family would be ok. Bridget was so excited and counted down the days till she could pick up Bonnie. The day finally came and she drove out to NY from IL to get Bonnie. It was love at first sight. Bridget plans on doing all the work that is needed to train Bonnie. Bridget also has another Springer named Clyde that she uses to hunt ducks & pheasants.

Happy Birthday Bridget!  



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