Lincoln Wins, Dudley 3rd, Riot Gunner’s Award!



Scott and Jennifer’s young dog Lincoln won the Puppy Stake at the Western New York Spaniel Trial. Lincoln ran a very nice crosswind beat with good finds accelerating into his birds. He had two nice retrieves and took home the blue ribbon and a nice keeper trophy.

Dudley had a good day finishing 3rd in the Open Stake. He had two simple runs into the wind in the first two series and a downwind third series in very difficult conditions. He survived and did just enough to get a placement.

Betsey’s dog Riot had a very good day in the Open Stake. He ran downwind for all three series with minimal handling and some big finds and leaping flushes making for an exciting day. The gun team selected him as their best dog for the day and sent him home with a nice ribbon for Betsey. The result was a bit ironic. Betsey ran Rennie the same weekend in Maine and also won the Gunner’s Award!


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