Clair & Grier’s First Hunt!

Notes from Grier in the field.

Day 1- Slow opening day. Heavy rains over the past week dispersed the birds plus reduced the afternoon flight to water. We had 10-15 hunters in a 50-100 acre field. A fair amount of shooting going on at all times. Clair’s manners were impeccable. She sat by my side the entire time. Only had a chance to pick up 3 birds. She and I walked together for the first two. The third one was wounded and flapped then flew off the ground. Clair grabbed her in mid air and returned her to me. Good Job Ms Clair. Her enthusiasm is wonderful. I enjoyed the experience immensely. Thanks to both of you. Pictures to follow.

Day 2 – Another slow afternoon hunting. Only shot 2 birds. Clair made a great retrieve on one/through a fence twice chasing a wounded bird, then following that bird into the brush and finding the bird. I would never have found the bird without her. I think she was somewhat frustrated by the lack of action. All in all she did great. I loved hunting with her.

No pictures from yesterday’s hunt. Photographer (Camille) took the afternoon off.

Clair IMG_1215

Clair is ready for her Dove hunt!!


Clair delivers the Dove to Grier.



Waiting for more Doves to fly in. 


A quick stop at the Church… 


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