Just In-Fergus & Keller HT Passes!

CM hunt test 2

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you an update on the weekend. Both dogs passed both days. Fergus had all 8s and 9s in the junior; Keller had all 9s and 10s in the senior. Keller is running better and better every time, gaining confidence, now running smoothly, and still checking in regularly for handling. The judge Sunday said it was satisfying to see a dog that knew how to run a downwind and a handler who would let them. I’m learning!

One fascinating thing is that Keller almost always cast to the exact distance at the guns, even though I don’t train with guns. It’s like he knows those are the boundaries, and in 2 days I never once blew a turn whistle.

Anyway, I will continue to focus on the development of our relationship as we move forward.

Hope all is well!



2 thoughts on “Just In-Fergus & Keller HT Passes!

  1. Well done, Pat and Keller. Just wait until next year when he has a season of hunting under his belt. He will be up another gear.


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