Maine FT & Training In NY Photos

Riot at the Maine Trial

blog50Todd & Riot

Rennie doing the Rennie Flush

blog114 Betsey & Rennie


Our travels to Maine were uneventful, but great training for the dogs. Clair was in her first FT puppy stake and finished. She still is running like a pup and needs further training. Rennie ran his first open stake and finished the trial. Todd was happy how he continued to get better in each series. He is now in the hands of Betsey for further work. Riot was feeling so good that Todd pulled him out of the trial so he would not continue to get away with more bad habits. Riot came back to GA for further training.

Thank you Rich & Sarah for driving up from Boston to spend the weekend with us. We truly enjoyed our time together. BTW, Indie got a tune up from Todd on their visit, and groomed. We love seeing our Boston family…

We then stopped at Betsey’s & Kevin’s to drop off Rennie and to get more training done before we headed back to GA. Our training sessions went very well with Bestey, Rennie & Lonestar.. Betsey is going to have a very nice string of dogs this fall for the FT’s.

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