Alan & Kermit Pheasant Shoot

The morning of the Pheasant Shoot started early for Alan & Kermit. We had a 3-hour drive to get there and we were welcomed this morning with a light layer of snow. Snow in GA!!!! The temps were only in the low 30’s & the wind was howling. Alan was very excited about the Pheasant Shoot & asked Todd a ton of questions all the way there.

Alan has been very committed with Kermit’s training; so committed that he drives 2 hours each way to train with Todd each week. He had told Todd that he wanted to start doing Pheasant Shoots with Kermit but he wanted to make sure he learned how best to work Kermit in that environment. Todd’s goal at the Pheasant Shoot was to be there in the heat of the moment and to make suggestions for Alan while he was working Kermit.

I think Kermit’s eyes fell out of his head a few times with all of the action going on around him; birds flying & guns going off everywhere. There were times when Kermit was out for a retrieve that quail started flushing…that will add some excitement to the moment! Kermit was at Alan’s side and his eye’s were glued to the sky, just waiting for the next pheasant to fly.

The gunners had to shoot quick due to the windy conditions, which meant some of the retrieves were shorter. A few of the birds almost landed on Kermit’s head!

The shoot finished and Kermit was tired, but not ready to stop. Alan was very happy with Kermit’s work & very thankful to have Todd there to help in a real environment. As we walked out of the field, there was already some discussion about some of the things that Alan needs to work on with Kermit for the next shoot. We had a hot lunch and a long drive home allowing a lot of talk about the morning shoot.



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