My Last Night With Alder



This is not a great photo of myself, as Todd thought it was very cute that Alder and I were sleeping on the couch together. This was Alder’s last night in the house. He was sound a sleep till Todd shot the photo. As some of you know we call Alder uptight for a reason, but he was not uptight at this moment. I will miss his 4am wake up calls and just having him hanging around the house. I have been his nurse for months and I’m so happy that he is still with us. Keep your fingers crossed that he stays healthy.. 


3 thoughts on “My Last Night With Alder

  1. I have to admit I liked seeing him in the house but also know if you gave him the choice he is much happier outside crushing cover looking and sending feathers flying. I’ll be sure looking forward to seeing him back in action in a few weeks. 2016 Nationals?


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