Pheasant Shoot

Yesterday we drove up to Etowah Valley Preserve to join our good friend Jack for an afternoon Pheasant Shoot. Jack was a back-up shooter for the other men in the field that were in the semi-circle layout. In that layout there are 7 stations with 2 people for each station. Dudley and Riley were working 2 stations as pick- up dogs. The Pheasant Shoot was Riley’s second time, and he did a bang- up job. This shoot was a busy one for Dudley as he did more work than Riley. Todd likes to have the younger dogs at the shoot practice some patience as this training is very important down the road in the Springer Field Trials. We have many more Pheasant Shoots planned for the winter and we hope to have Alder in the mix on a few of them. 


Click This Photo To See More Photos Of The Hunt

Photos by Christina Power Photography

More photos can be seen at

All photos are copyrighted Christina Power Photography


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