Last Hunting Day At Grouse Camp


Today was our last day in the woods for hunting Grouse & Woodcock. We have been slapped by tree branches, poked by thorns, dealt with many leaves on the trees and have repeated tripped on logs. Today ended on a great moment when Alan was able to shoot a Grouse and a Woodcock for his dog Kermit. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is to see an owner shoot a bird for their dog and have the dog come to them with the bird in their mouth. This was our last special spot of the day and we were hoping that Kermit would find the birds and Alan would be able to shoot the birds for Kermit. We pack and head south back to GA. Next up is a field trial in NY, a rest in GA then the big event out in Oregon for the Springer National with Alder and Dudley. Stay tuned!!!!

I would like to thank all the guys in camp for dealing with all the photography demands that I have asked them… I look forward to looking at all the photos of the hunts and turning them into pieces of art for them. 




One thought on “Last Hunting Day At Grouse Camp

  1. What a great experience this was! Yes, I was a bit sore waking up and felt some twinges of pain in places I have forgotten about, but it was well worth it. I don’t really know how Todd was able to do this for three weeks and be able to walk upright. Not bad for an “almost as old as me” guy. The last day getting both a grouse and a woodcock over my own dog was priceless. Somehow, believe it or not, Todd and Christina conjured up a rainbow to appear as we loaded Kermit in the truck. Now that is what I call “a story book ending”! Thanks so much guys!


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