Holly’s Letter About Dove Season 2015


Dear Christina & Todd,

I’m pumped! Dove Season 2015 officially opened in South Carolina and finally I got to run after something other than my blinky ball.

I won’t lie, the first day back in the field didn’t start out to my liking. Papa knows that where birds are concerned, I don’t care about the heat—I illustrated that last season when I ran until I dropped. Since y’all were there, you remember him running out of the woods with me in his arms. The hunt stopped dead, all eyes on me until I perked back up. Lesson learned:  I don’t care about the heat and I will not stop looking for birds unless someone stops me.

So, I was miffed when Papa left me in my kennel when he headed to the field. Being within earshot of the shooting seemed especially cruel. I pouted (which kind of looks like sleeping, but with eyes open).

After about an hour, I got sprung. Seems two things occurred in that timeframe: Papa limited, and clouds rolled in. I’m told my enthusiasm makes me hard to handle, so until we get a grasp on that, it works better when we assist another hunter (in this case, our host, Tommy Miller). So, I retrieved for Tommy, while my pop focused on me. Fine with me—just so this dog gets to hunt!

I got to take off nearly every time Tommy took a shot. I tried every time, but that didn’t work out well for me. I didn’t always see a bird fall, but I didn’t want to take a chance I’d missed something. I got a fairly stern “correction” when I tried the run without getting the hand signal, but I still pushed the limits. I’m a cocker, you know how we roll☺.

Todd, you would have been proud of my retrieves! I never came back empty handed and I brought all birds directly back to Papa. I ran past other hunters that I wanted to visit with, but I’m learning – that’s a no-no.

Christina, I am sorry you were not there to snap a photo. 

So, yay for dove season! Yay for clouds! Yay for Holly! 

I hope to see you both soon. Hi to Clair.






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