Sarah & Rich Come To Georgia

September 3, 2015

Today’s Craney Hill News

webSarah & Rich _DSC0097

We had a fun week with Sarah & Rich from Boston. Rich was in Atlanta for business and wanted to stop by Craney Hill Kennel for a visit. There was no way that Sarah was going to be left behind on this trip…are you kidding? There are dogs and puppies to be spoiled. Sarah was on go the minute she arrived at the farm. They both felt a little guilty as they had to leave their English Springer Spaniel Indie back at home in Boston. However, we did hear that she was in great hands and was having a grand ole time with the other dogs in her doggie group. By the way, Indie is Sarah’s first dog and hunting dog at that. Now we just have to get Sarah a really nice side by side 20 gage to go with those Dubarry boots. 

Well, there was no sitting around for Sarah on this trip as Todd put her to work with the dogs. No, she didn’t have to clean kennels, though we did think about it. Sarah would like to learn all that she can about training her dog as her plans for Indie are grand. She is thinking about running Indie in Hunt Tests once some further training is done with her dog. Rich would just like a great hunting dog that listens and loves birds. So, Todd had Sarah work most of our dogs in the field and in the training yard. There was a little frustration, which we will not go into detail about, but I think it was a great learning experience for Sarah. Rich just sat back and smiled. In the end we all had a great visit and shared many stories. We look forward to Sarah and Rich coming back down to GA this fall/winter for more dog training, and fun times.  

Todd Sarah web_DSC0024



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