Kermit Prepares to get Steadied


We got Kermit back this week to start to steady him to wing and shot. We are wrapping up our foundation drills with a few thrown pigeons before he gets to flush birds. Kermit has been with us a few times while his owner has gone out of town. It has worked very well for Kermit to be part of our Craney Hill Training Club since January 2015. He started as a very talented, albeit rebel, hunt test competitor. In eight months or so, Alan has turned his dog around by focusing on foundation work and effort. Kermit now responds very well to voice and whistle commands, is quartering the field, delivering bumpers and birds to hand, walking at heel and working on his pattern blinds and 3-handed casting. He should be steadied this month and will spend most of October in the grouse woods with us gaining experience. Good job Alan and you will have a very nice dog to enjoy for a long time.




One thought on “Kermit Prepares to get Steadied

  1. It’s been a great and worthwhile experience. I have learned a lot from Todd and Kermit would not be where he is today in his training without Todd’s guidance through the process.


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