English Springer Spaniel Tom


“You don’t know what you don’t know.” While always true, that statement was particularly applicable to the situation with my Springer Tom and myself.  Though a life-long bird hunter, avid wing shooter and someone who had previously trained and hunted a lab, there was an awful lot I didn’t know; particularly about training and handling a flushing dog.  Tom was a very good started dog, but I was not getting anywhere near his potential from him and he wasn’t getting much out of me either.  After a pretty extensive search, I found Todd Agnew at Craney Hill Kennel in Mitchell, GA and called him up.  I knew in that initial phone call that I had found the right guy and in my first visit with Todd, I began to learn what I didn’t know.  Watching Todd work with his dogs and then having him work with Tom & me quickly showed how much more I could learn and how we could effectively progress with a true professional involved in the process.  Training and hunting are both much more enjoyable, focused and effective after just a short time of working with Todd.  My only regret is not having started with Todd from day one!

Bob – St. Simons Island, GA


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