English Springer Spaniel Lady Heidi & Her NY Adventure

June 2015
Heidi continues to be a complete joy.  In the off season (like now) her favorite place is a bay beach at Sag Harbor with a channel and small boat harbor, an osprey nest (we call the place Osprey Beach), and lots of cover.  It’s full of rabbits, gulls and various other birds so Heidi has lots to chase.  When she gets bored or can’t find game she goes swimming and tries to catch small bait fish in the harbor.  Failing that, she brings back clams, small crabs and starfish.  Her nickname around the apartment in NYC is “the happy dog”, and our only problem is that she has become so attached to both of us that she hates being left alone, either in the apartment or at the beach house.  She acts like we have no right to go out to dinner without taking her along.  She is truly “the dog who is loved like a person”.

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